Medical Cannabis

German patients can be prescribed medical cannabis since march 2017, costs can be reimbursed by public health insurance. Cultivation of medical cannabis is controlled in Germany by a national agency, and carried out by companies selected in a public tender.
Highest medical quality and reliable constant supply is what German patients deserve and what Deutsche Medizinalcannabis, stand for. The company works with a network of EU-GMP certified suppliers to ease the product shortage in German pharmacies and lay the foundation for Deutsche Medizinalcannabis to become Germany’s most reliable wholesaler of medical cannabis products.
Clinical efficacy for medical cannabis has been shown for pain control, multiple sclerosis, and nausea. Furthermore, pre-clinical trials hint at a much greater potential for medical cannabis in the treatment of some forms of cancer, sleep disorders, epilepsy, some psychiatric disorders, inflammatory pain in the context of ulcerative colitis, as well as autoimmune disorders such as Crohns disease, among others.
Medical cannabis offers, partly due to its main component, Δ9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol (see below), but also many other effective compounds, the potential for a natural remedy for up to 240 000 patients in Germany.

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